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Skillz Games List FAQs

⚠️ The Future of this Game List ⚠️

Sadly, the Skillz platform has not proven successful for us. So we are considering parting ways so that our time can be invested in something more profitable. Later this year when sit down to plan out where to spend our time in the future, if Skillz does not stay in that plan, we will be shutting down this portion of our site. With that said, we want to thank everyone who has enjoyed using our site to find their favorite new Skillz game. And we especially want to thank the small handful of you that have reached out to help us keep this list updated throughout the years.

What gets included on this list? 🖋

The list includes US compatible powered by Skillz apps. Our goal is to maintain the list so as to only include currently available apps. So if we discover that a game is no longer available for a new user to download, we will remove them from this list.

How is your list ordered? 🗒

When you first arrive on the page, it is a somewhat organized and yet still randomized order. Our eventual goal is to group like items together. For example, if you really like bubble shooter type games, we try to place them next to each other to make it easier for you find other similar games. We obviously haven't gotten all like games next to each other yet, but rest assured, it is something we are slowly working on.

To change the sort order of the list, select from the category titles at the top of the list: Title or Year Published. If you were to select Year Published, it would sort the list by the app's release date, placing the newest apps first. If you select Year Published again, it will reverse the order. The same toggle behavior is true when sorting by Title.

For those wanting to, our category titles also have the added ability to filter the list by availablity for either iOS or Android platforms as well as filtering by Cash Enabled. Bonus Tip: to see only games that are offered on both platforms, select both iOS and Android filters.

What does the 💰 symbol mean on some of the listed games?

This game is cash enabled and offers the option to play games for cash depending on your location. Please note that just because cash games are available you do not need to play for cash. You can still play for free using Skillz's Z based bets.

What does the ✉️ symbol mean on some of the listed games?

Tapping this icon should redirect you to your built-in mail client so that you can reach out directly to the developer of that game.

There are several reasons you may want to reach out to the developer of an individual game. Are there features you love or perhaps really dislike about a game? Have you potentially found a bug with game play? Most developers truly want to make a game you love and they really want to know about any bugs you may find so that they can fix them as soon as possible. Just be prepared to be available for any follow up questions that developer might have for you after reaching out.

What does the 💬 symbol mean on some of the listed games?

This game is Skillz chat enabled.

This is a feature that Skillz has bestowed upon only a small selection of games. This is not a feature that the developer of the game can choose to implement, they must be selected by Skillz.

What does the 👥 symbol mean on some of the listed games?

This game has some version of the VS Friends challenges. This allows players to challenge specific "friends" to a game.

This is a feature that Skillz bestows upon only a small selection of games. This is not a feature that the developer of the game can choose to implement, they must be selected by Skillz.

What if I find a problem with thist list? 🔎

While we do our best to keep up with this list, it is a lot of work. We check periodically to make sure that each game is still available and hasn't been removed from the App Store. If you find that one of our links is no longer valid, please let us know and we will dig into it to see if the game is either no longer available and needs to removed from our list or just needs an updated link. On a similar note, finding new Skillz-enabled games to add to our list is actually very time consuming as we are not notified when they become available (like some select Skillz users are) and this entire list has been maintained by our own constant research. So if you know of a new game that has not made its way onto our list yet, we appreciate any info you can share with us:

Why does this list not match up with the Skillz game page list? ⚖️

This really comes down to automation. The developer(s) that maintain the Skillz list have written their code in such a way that it tries it's best to filter their database for them. The way they have written their filters will lead to two very different changes between their list and ours: First, our list includes some older games that you will not find on their page. And, second, you will find invalid games listed more frequently on their page. This second issue is due to what developers call a "dirty" database. Their filters seem to currently allow any newer game entry inputted into their database that includes any listed URL in the iOS field or any APK into their Android field to appear on their page - even if those entries are not valid. If you have ever made up a fake email address on a website that is asking for your info, this is essentially the same thing happening here.

Why is a game not monetized? 💸

The number one reason a game may not be monetzied yet is: lack of daily players. For Skillz to allow a game to request monetization, a game must consistently have over 100 daily players. We constantly see games get a review in the app store stating: "I'll be back when you're monetized." This unfortunately is counterproductive to what that developer needs in order to be granted monetiztion. They need more people to play DAILY. In this phase of a game's journey towards monetization, it is perhaps more helpful to that game's progress if you were to play one game a day over the course of a month versus 20 games in just one or two days and then not return for a month.

Skillz vs the Game Developer, what's the difference? 👾

With very few exceptions, the majority of Skillz games are not made by Skillz. Think of Skillz like Amazon, they provide the infrastructure and marketplace. Game developers can then come and sign up to be a part of that marketplace. The games you play are made by those different developers, each hoping to be successful within the Skillz marketplace. To give you an idea of the diversity, this list of games represents over 180 different game developers. So when a game is only available for either iOS or Android, but not both, that is due to decisions made by that individual game developer and not Skillz.

Anyone can decide to become a game developer, and Skillz does not charge a fee to be a part of their platform. To be a part of Skillz, each developer must implement very specific aspects into their code to get the Skillz environment up and running within their game. One example of this is the code provided by Skillz to ensure that you and the other player get the same starting game.

Skillz is responsible for your entry fees, pay outs, tickets, deposits, player accounts, skill levels, matching, leaderboards, playbacks, chats (if applicable), etc. The developer of the game is responsible for the actual game play itself as well as any additional menus or settings they choose to create. So if you find a bug in a game, you should report it to the game developer so they become aware of it and can take steps to fix it.

Can you make actual money? 🤑

The short answer is yes.

You can also lose money too.

We (the people maintaining this list) are a husband and wife team that are both Skillz players as well as developers on the Skillz platform. To date, the only money we've ever made from Skillz is as players. One of us made a single deposit of $10 back when we first became players in 2019 and have withdrawn around $900 total between the two of us since then. We tend to be conservative players when it comes to playing cash games and now really only fund our playing of cash games from the bonus cash we get from winning 25 matches in a new game. This conservative method of playing means we tend to make money (rather than loosing it), but we make money very slowly.

The other side of making vs loosing money in the world of Skillz is as a game developer. Game developers don't really start to make money until their game becomes monetized, which requires a lot of daily players. For non-monetized games, Skillz has recently introduced an optional ad after some games, but we haven't seen any revenue from this yet. The good news is that since Skillz doesn't charge a fee for developers to be a part of Skillz, there's technically no money lost to get started. But that's not to say that there isn't a cost for developers. To properly build out a fairly basic game, we would guesstimate it costs roughly $11,000 worth of development time. Some developers, like us, write the code themselves; while other developers out there will outsource the actual code writing to a development team, which of course causes them to incur an up front cost. We've also seen other developers invest into advertising in an effort to get their game to hit that required active daily players mark, which can also be very costly. If a developer never reaches that monetiztion point, their investment, however much they put into it, is lost.

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