Skillz Games - the almost complete list

This list received it's final update on March 22, 2022. It will become outdated fairly quickly as that is the nature of the internet. We will leave it here for awhile so that those searching for older games can find them but we will eventually terminate this page as it will quickly become unuseful. We have made this decision after realizing that we are unable to be successful on the Skillz platform as developers and therefore can no longer dedicate the time required to properly maintain this list. Thank you to those of you who played our games and participated in helping us keep this list up to date for the few years we spent curating it.

Ever tried to find your next favorite Skillz game, but found the Skillz website lists only a small fraction of the available games out there? We know the struggle is real, so we created this site to help out. We check monthly to see if we can find new games to add to our list, so check back often to discover our latest finds. To learn more about this list, check out our FAQs page.

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